The SAS MIST 210 System for Oil Slops & Sludge Treatment

You can get the oil out of your waste and cut your waste to landfill by 80%

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A Mobile Oil Recovery System

Sending waste to competitors? Needing to stabilise waste before sending it off to landfill? Is de-watering trapping the oil in your waste? Paying to get rid of the value in your sludge and slops? Time to consider the SAS MIST systems for oil recovery and waste reduction.

  • Process 0.5 - 1.3 tons of slops or sludge per hour
  • Recover valuable, high quality oil
  • Reduce waste disposal cost by 80%

Join our other customers and start recovering value from your waste:

Since introducing the energy and cost efficient process, up to 40% oil have been recovered and pumped back to the refinery for processing

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