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6 Top Techniques to Improve your Oil Sludge Treatment Process

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 20-Mar-2018 10:00:00

If you are a part of a waste treatment company dealing with oil contaminated slops and sludge, you have seen all types of wastes. There is probably a good chance that at one time or another you received a truckload of some especially tough waste that your existing process just could not crack.

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MIST Month - "323" Almost Any Oil Waste

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 23-Jan-2018 10:00:00

The MIST 323 system is used in both oil slops treatment and oil sludge treatment, and is capable of treating both solid waste and liquid waste. Solid waste including drill cuttings, oil sand, and heavy oil sludge. Liquid waste including oil slops, oil based mud waste, decommissioning waste, well washings, and refinery waste.

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The Solution to Your Tank Cleaning Problems

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 28-Dec-2017 12:00:00

For over ten years SAS Environmental Services has led the way in developing integrated microemulsion solutions for tank cleaning operations, crude oil sludge treatment and oil slops treatment. We aim to create real synergy in our approach to tank cleaning by combining microemulsion chemistries with automated tank cleaning systems.

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SASES Successfully Handles USA Oil Slops Treatment

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 19-Dec-2017 10:00:00

SASES was supplied with a sample of oil slops waste (pictured right) from operations in Texas, USA where an effective chemical dosing and separation process was being sought. For this project, SASES were set the task of maximising oil and solids recovery so that the clean water fraction could be recovered for polishing and safe disposal via salt-water disposal wells. This would require SASES products to effectively split the waste into three distinct phases of oil, water and solids, in order to maximise the recovery of clean oil thus retaining a high water quality for disposal.

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OTC 2016

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 12-Apr-2016 18:23:47

The year has gone so fast again, and it is time for OTC Houston already and we will be there at the Scotland Pavillion (#2063) in the main NRG Centre. Best bring some comfortable shoes!

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