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The Oil Sludge Market as a Resource for the Oil Industry

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 13-Mar-2018 11:00:00

World Bank reports that there are approximately 9 billion metric tonnes of oil sludge on the planet. This oil sludge is generated as a by-product of the oil drilling and refining process, and consists of water, oil, solids and a range of chemicals that may have been introduced to the sludge at some point in the process.

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Will Fracking Down in its Own Wastewater?

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 28-Sep-2017 13:00:00

In North Dakota’s Bakken region, fracking has generated nearly 10,000 wells for unconventional oil and gas production—and along with them, almost 4,000 reported wastewater spills resulting from the activity.

It’s indisputable that fracking requires enormous volumes of water and produces equally enormous volumes of wastewater. 

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The Bakken Shale Rebound

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 14-Sep-2017 13:00:00

Production is rising in The Bakken Shale, with over 1 million barrels-a-day being successfully produced over the past year, compared to around 940,000 last December. North Dakota companies are becoming increasing more active, working to boost productivity and learning to cope with current price levels. Innovation and technology have also become extremely important in the industry throughout recent years. With new technologies making oil and gas easier, cleaner, safer, and cheaper to extract, boosting the oil industry significantly.

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