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The SAS-ES Waste Management Process Start-Up and How to Get it Right

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 05-Mar-2019 11:00:00
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sunset_rig.jpg“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 

Abraham Lincoln

Starting something new

The introduction of a new element in any waste management process is usually the source of some concern. Processes need to be evaluated, equipment newly installed or setup to a different configuration, new chemicals need to be safely handled and many other factors that impact on the safe and efficient running of a waste management site.

At SAS-ES a critical part of our work is the collaboration with our customers. The number one concern is that the use of the SAS-ES chemistry will go to plan. The results from treating the waste at the waste management site need to reflect the promised and expected quality and outcome.

We have experience of successfully implementing chemistry in many different waste processes and for many different types of waste. At SAS-ES we have a well thought out, proven approach to managing upfront any issues that may arise with the first use of SAS-ES products.

Preparation is everything

The first stage of working with SAS-ES is always a good conversation by phone, email or face-to-face with one of our team and the customer. This initial conversation is to understand the waste materials being treated, the process in place and the desired outcomes. Getting an understanding not only of the waste but also of the site layout, equipment availability and personnel availability is crucial to come with the right recommendations of best solutions for the customer’s situation.

It is important at this stage to understand what a meaningful trial would look like to the customer. This will inform all involved what the expectations are, what the potential product demand is, the time investment required, the needed resources and the economic investment.

Once we have an understanding we can normally accept into one of our labs (UK or USA) a sample of the waste to be treated.

Testing the chemistry

The lab testing we carry out at our labs in Scotland and Houston, Texas involves the suitability of the products we have available, dosing levels, mixing time and method, separation methods and the use of heat.

While testing our products on your waste we take into account your site layout, equipment available and current process being used. We aim to come up with a solution that fits into your process and organization.          

Reporting back to you

Once we have the results we put together a lab report and organize a face-to-face meeting or conference call to discuss the results. At this stage we explain the results, discuss your views on the success achieved in the lab testing and answer any questions you might have.

Through the lab results and the conversation on the trial setup we then agree on the next steps moving to a full-scale trial at your site.

Getting it done

Before we start the trial, we will discuss the checklist we have. It is rare for everything to work perfectly first thing in the morning when we start injecting the chemical into the oil waste. 

In most situations there are adjustments to be made in the settings of pumps, dosing chemicals, decanter centrifuge setup and other parameters. We have a lot of trials and start-ups under our belt and together with you and your team we will work through the options in a clear and agreed manner. 

This approach offers the best chance of success and mitigates the risks of anything not working as desired or required. 

Carrying out oil waste treatment successfully and safely is a combination of the right chemistry, the right skills, the right setup and the right people putting their heads together to make it all work.

Start the conversation now by contacting us today and find out how SAS-ES can support you and your waste treatment process. We have done it since 2000 with waste management companies around the world.

It doesn’t stop here

We do not believe that the end of a successful trial is the job done. We build long-term relationships with our customers. The reality is that the nature of waste changes over time and we will continue to work with you and act as your resource in testing and evaluating not only the best chemistry, also the best processes.


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