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Sludge Samples Sent from Saudi Arabia

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 02-Oct-2018 11:00:00
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SASES received a sample of oil sludge waste from a Saudi Arabian company. The challenge for SASES was to find out which of our products would be able to split this tough oil sludge into clean oil, water and solids, as no other oil sludge treatment process had been successful. 

What we did...

To achieve a three-way split the oil sludge sample was dosed directly with SASES products. The sample was then shaken thoroughly for 15 seconds and spun in a spin out rotor centrifuge at 3,000rpm for 2 minutes. This process was repeated after heating the sludge from 15oC to 40oC.

After screening our products to determine which chemistry was the most effective, the SAS SludgeTreat 156SC resulted in the clearest split of oil, waste and solids. Once this product was selected further testing then took place to determine the quality of the split we could achieve and the lowest dose rate of chemical at which we could see a good result.

The results...

After different testing the lowest effective dose rate that could achieve a three-way split appeared to be 0.5% of the product used, as pictured below.

Saudi Arabia - 1 group-1.png

So, to sum up...

It is clearly shown that the SAS SludgeTreat 156SC is highly effective on the oil sludge sample provided by our customer. A clear and good quality split into three phases was achieved, resulting in water which can be easily cleaned up and oil quality which is clear and fluid.

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