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SASES Successful Waste Crude Oil Sludge Treatment

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 16-Oct-2018 11:00:00
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A sample of waste crude oil sludge (pictured on the right) was sampled and supplied to SASES from one of our customers in Turkey. After many unsuccessful attempts to treat the waste, SASES chemistries were tested to find out which cleaning and waste treatment products would work best with this oil sludge. 

What we did... 

To achieve the main goal of this project SASES had to find a way to effectively slurrify the oil waste and then split it into distinct phases of oil, water and solids. 

Firstly, a sample of the waste was dosed directly with SASES product and then shaken thoroughly for 30 seconds and spun in a spin out rotor centrifuge at 3,000rpm for 2 minutes.

Secondly, the sludge was diluted using waste oil and water in order to create a more fluid sludge to ease processing. Our testing was carried out using 50% sludge, 25% water and 25% waste oil and the effectiveness of the SASES products in splitting the waste was observed.

The results...

Two SASES products in particular produced excellent results on the oil sludge, the SAS SludgeTreat 156SC and one of our new products, the SAS SludgeTreat 2562. In both cases solids separation was achieved and virtually all the solids were removed. Phase separation was clean and the produced water fraction was also much clearer. Finally, both products recovered virtually all the oil from the waste.

Turkey - 1 group-2.pngTurkey - 2 group-1.png

So to sum up...

It is clear the SAS SludgeTreat products had the ability to actively reduce the viscosity of the sludge when added to the waste. Due to the very high oil content in this waste this resulted in significant volumes of recovered oil for our customers. 

For even greater efficiency in slurrifying and splitting oil waste, the SASES MIST systems could be used in combination with our chemistries. This would allow for the recovery of cleaner solids and water, and larger volumes of high quality oil.

Find out more about our MIST systems and what they could do for you on our website.

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