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Reduce Your Costs with Microemulsions

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 13-Aug-2019 10:00:00

You can reduce your logistical, shipping and transportation costs by treating, disposing and recycling your oil contaminated waste products, while minimising ecological and environmental risk along the way. SAS-ES products can help you save millions of pounds annually, and here's how...

OildollarXXSWith global estimations for the production of drill cuttings and waste emulsion slops generated by the oil and gas industry running into millions of tons per annum, the treatment and disposal costs are also on the rise. Contractors and operators are being forced to ship tonnage of oil industry waste by-products to on-shore treatment plants and landfill sites every year, costing millions of pounds. These costs can be reduced significantly using our breakthrough treatment process, microemulsion technology. 

SAS-ES have a worldwide portfolio of surfactant and microemulsion waste treatment products for use in environmental and industrial clean-up operations across the oil and gas sector. These products are designed for specific cleaning operations and can remediate a vast range of oil contaminated waste products. For example, the water-based microemulsion surfactant products will clean drill cuttings to below 1%wt oil, enabling the disposal of cuttings at sea and separating emulsion slops wastes into reusable oil, clean water and clean solids. 

Microemulsion treatment systems enable both the oil and surfactant to be recovered after the separation processes. They also have low energy requirement, emit low emissions, and have high process throughputs. Surfactant products used are water based, water soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, which means they also carry significant health and safety advantages.

The SAS-ES surfactant technologies have a wide range of applications for the industry that increase safety, improve operational efficiency, minimise waste volumes and environmental impact, and dramatically cut operating and production costs. Using these products, we can reduce the volume of waste discharged to landfill produced by certain cleaning applications by over 70%.

With microemulsion surfactant technology we have the ability to effectively separate out contaminated fluids, clean solids wastes, tooling, casing, mud pits and drilling equipment, saving the global industry millions of dollars annually!

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