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MIST Month - "240" A Massive Leap Forward

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 18-Jan-2018 10:00:00
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The MIST 240 system can be used in both onshore and offshore oil waste treatment, including oil based mud drilling waste treatment, oil slops and oil sludge treatment, offshore decommissioning waste, oil waste pit cleanup, and refinery waste sludge.

MIST.pngFor our clients who need a higher rate of waste treatment or oil recovery the MIST 240 allows for up to 50m3 per hour. This means large waste pits, sludge removed from storage tanks or substantial peaks in mud slops waste can be processed continuously.

The idea was to make it economic to process large volumes of liquid waste and sludge and recover oil at a very high rate. By packaging the entire process in a 40' container the system is mobile and has a very short rig up time. We have spent a lot of time working on the robustness of this process and this has resulted in a brilliant machine that just keeps going.

Our system is fully integrated to optimise chemical dosing, mixing and separation processes, this provides optimum results at all times. The MIST 240 is self regulating and the level of automation means it requires only a single operator.

It even has its own lab where samples can be tested.

What are the benefits?

  • Low energy and cost
  • Process 5 - 50 tons per hour
  • Win value from high quality recovered oil
  • Significant savings on waste transport
  • Disposal costs reduced by 80% or more

Overall this system is robust, flexible and versatile with the capability to treat a variety of waste types. Built using the best engineering, this waste management process has the ability to treat almost any oil slops or sludge.

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