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MIST Month - "220" Mobile Oil Recovery No.1

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 16-Jan-2018 10:00:00
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The MIST 220 system is used in onshore and offshore oil waste treatment, including oil based mud drilling waste, oil slops and oil sludge treatment, offshore decommissioning waste, oil waste pit cleanup, and refinery waste sludge. All to recover the oil and cut the waste by 80% or more.

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The original MIST system, the first of the group to come to market, and an amazing mobile oil recovery system. Our MIST 220 is a brilliant 20' containerised process that will take liquid oil sludge or slops and recover the oil for you. After removing the water only the solids remain as a waste to be disposed off. Normally this is less than 15% of the total waste, because the SASES chemistry works so well the solids rarely require stabilising.

The MIST 220 is the result of our work around the world in over a decade of oil slops and sludge treatment. We have seen and worked with all the processes, engineering equipment and lay-outs. Having seen what worked and having seen what did not work we crystalised our experience in this 20' process. Our system is fully integrated to optimise chemical dosing, mixing and separation processes, this provides optimum results at all times. The MIST 220 is self regulating and the level of automation means it requires only a single operator.


Engineering alone will not solve your oil waste problems and chemistry alone will not solve it either. You need a process and we can deliver the process that will suit your oil waste material.

What are the benefits?

  • Low energy and cost
  • Process 3.5 - 23 tons per hour
  • Win value from high quality recovered oil
  • Significant savings on waste transport
  • Reduction 80% or more of solid waste

Overall this system is robust, flexible and versatile with the ability to handle almost any waste stream. Built using the best engineering available and the best process, proven to successfully treat any oil slops or sludge.

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