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MIST Month - "104" Big Time Cuttings

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 09-Jan-2018 10:00:00
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The MIST 104 system is used in both onshore and offshore oil waste treatment, including cleaning oil solids such oil based/water based mud drill cuttings, oil sand, and heavy oil sludge. 

MIST 103 KEQM-21840-2.jpg The result of our customers coming to us and explaining that treating 30 tons of drill cuttings per hour is great (see MIST 103) but what would really be great is a mobile, low cost, light weight, robust process that will do over 40 tons per hour of drill cuttings.

We like a challenge and with the MIST 104 we think we have managed to meet expectations.

This wonderful process in a 20' container will take your cuttings fresh off the shakers and reduce the oil content to less than 1%. It will also happily take legacy waste from pits, lagoons, tanks or wherever those oily solids may be stored.

This mobile system is quick to rig up and will reduce waste by 80% or more and solids produced are dry with no stabilising required.

Using the SAS MIST 104 slops fluids can be separated using other available equipment, or our other great system, the SAS MIST 220.

What are the benefits?

  • A mobile system with a very short rigup time
  • Can reduce waste volumes by up to 80%
  • Has the ability to process 40 - 80 tons per hour
  • Recover high quality oil on solids, from 0.2% - 3%
  • Dry solids produced with no need for stabilising or fixing021.jpg

Overall this system is equipped to treat waste from a wide range of sources, making it incredibly versatile and highly robust. 

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