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MIST Month - "103" Going for Drill Cuttings

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 04-Jan-2018 10:00:00
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The MIST 103 system is used onshore or offshore for oil waste treatment of high solids waste. This includes treating oil solids such oil based mud drill cuttings, oil sand, and heavy oil sludge. 


MIST 103 KEQM-21840-2.jpg Our work started in 1998 at the university in Edinburgh with the specific aim of cleaning drill cuttings to less than 1% oil on cuttings. After years of work, trials and development of chemistry and engineering the result is the MIST 103.

Using the SAS MIST 103 you can produce dry solids for disposal and slops fluids can be separated using other available equipment, or our other great system, the SAS MIST 220.

The ability to treat drill cuttings fresh from the shale shaker to less than 1% oil on cuttings and do so at 30 tons per hour is something we are very proud of. This system has low mobilisation costs, rig up time is a few hours and the entire system is integrated and controlled through a central panel meaning only 1 or 2 operators are needed to run the system.

021.jpgThis is a small, mobile and low cost approach to drill cuttings cleaning and because it is relatively light it can go anywhere. The option to treat and reduce waste at the drill site cuts transport costs and logistical issues.

The MIST 103 can be used stand alone or in combination with the MIST 220 or MIST 240. Need to take care of even more cuttings per hour? Check out our MIST 104!

What are the benefits?

  • A mobile system with a very short rigup time
  • Can reduce waste volumes by up to 80%
  • Has the ability to process 5 - 40 tons per hour
  • Recover high quality oil on solids, from 0.2% - 3%
  • Dry solids produced with no need for stabilising or fixing

Overall this system is equipped to treat waste from a wide range of sources, making it incredibly versatile and highly robust. 

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