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Case Study: Oil Sludge Treatment - Indonesia

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 11-Dec-2018 11:00:00
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US based EcoLogic carried out an extensive oil sludge treatment project in Indonesia on behalf of an operator using the SAS SludgeTreat 156SC product, and the EcoLogic waste treatment process and engineering.

The SAS Solution...

Oil Sludge Treatment - Indonesia-1Using a bank of 6 decanter and tricanter centrifuges and the unique SAS SludgeTreat 156SC chemistry (at a 0.4% dose rate), EcoLogic were able to successfully complete the project and achieve all targets.

The oil waste is normally stabilised before disposal, on average this would increase volume by a factor of 2. In this case that would have resulted in 8,800m3 of hazardous waste for landfill disposal. However, because of the EcoLogic process with the SAS chemistry, the waste was only 930m3, a reduction in waste to disposal of nearly 90%.

Oil Sludge Treatment - Indonesia 1The work also resulted in recovery of 9,200bbl of high quality oil. At $50/bbl this represents a value recovered of $460,000.

A total of 27,500bbl of oil sludge was treated with all targets met, including:

  • BS&W of oil under 2%
  • Solids recovered, with less than 1% oil on solids
  • Water with less than 20ppm hydrocarbon

To Sum Up...

From the 27,500bbl (approx. 4,400m3) of sludge a total of 9,200bbl of high quality oil was recovered, 12,000bbl of water was treated and discharged, and 930m3 sent to landfill with no stabilising required.

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