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Case Study: Offshore Mud Pit Cleaning - Brazil

Posted by Sophie Cochrane on 4 Jun 2019, 10:00:00
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For a period of 4 years SAS Environmental Services supplied its SAS Semi-Automated Tank Cleaning System and microemulsion SAS PitClean 102C products from Houston, Texas to Brazil.

The SAS Solution:

image-1The fixed installed tank cleaning system, using Scanjet tank cleaning machines worked with the SAS PitClean 102C to quickly clean out the mud pits, fluidise all of the caked mud, flush the lines and reduce men entry into the pits. 

The SAS PitClean 102C was used to create a wash pill in a pit of 40bbl (3% SAS PitClean 102C). This wash pill was used to clean out all 14 mud pits and flush the lines.

After each pit the dirty wash pill was placed in pit 1 for settling out. The solids would settle out and the wash pill was re-used to clean out the next mud pit.

This was repeated until all 14 mud pits were clean to brine standard.

To Sum Up...

slopsThe total waste volume was approximately 80bbl. This would separate out under gravity into water for polishing and disposal and solids for transport back to shore.

Time reduction was 50% - 70% compared to standard cleaning approach using men entry and regular detergents.

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