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The cutting edge: getting rid of your drill cuttings

Posted by Laura Susnea on 15-Oct-2019 11:00:00


A constant challenge is to balance your waste treatment with a sustainable process that is not only more efficient but also more profitable in the long term. If you've caught up with this month's newsletter then you're up to date with our discussion with ways available to reduce emissions relating to the treatment of drill cuttings. Straight and simple - switching to a low energy cuttings treatment process as the SAS MIST system will reduce emissions by 2/3 compared to thermal systems.

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De-watering vs. SASES Oil Slops Treatment

Posted by Laura Susnea on 08-Oct-2019 11:00:00

Many customers arrive at our website or call us after having considered a number of options for their oil slops treatment. The standard for treating this waste is still to try and de-water using some kind of chemistry or blend the waste with oil solids and process through an energy intensive, slow thermal type of process.

The difference between de-watering oil slops waste and genuine treatment using the SASES chemistry and process is fundamental and creates a completely new economy in waste management.

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Up close & personal with your waste

Posted by Laura Susnea on 01-Oct-2019 12:00:00

When it comes to oil contaminated waste, knowing is half the battle. 

We talk to 100s of companies every year who are seeking solutions to their oil contaminated waste challenges. For about 80% of the cases we’re able to offer an effective solution. We’re able to deliver this level of success because we’re obsessed with truly understanding the waste and the overall solution.

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Key Steps to Evaluate your Oil Waste Treatment Process

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 24-Sep-2019 10:00:00

Here at SAS Environmental Services we believe there are certain key steps you should take when evaluating how to treat your oil waste treatment process. These steps include identifying your objectives, looking after your decanter centrifuge, finding the best chemistry possible, and developing the most effective waste process. Here's a bit more information...

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6 Top Techniques to Improve Your Oil Sludge Treatment Process

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 17-Sep-2019 11:00:00

If you are a part of a waste treatment company dealing with oil contaminated slops and sludge, you have seen all types of wastes. There is probably a good chance that at one time or another you received a truckload of some especially tough waste that your existing process just could not crack.

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5 Clues You're Spending Too Much on Hazardous Waste Disposal

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 10-Sep-2019 10:00:00

If you’re a waste management company providing services for the oil and gas industry, you know all too well that the disposal of oil contaminated hazardous waste is extremely costly.

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What's Your Waste Management Problem?

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 03-Sep-2019 11:00:00

Here at SAS-ES we love talking to our customers. Talking about what’s working, what’s not working, and one of our favourite topics of conversations is problems!

We love solving problems - the bigger and messier the better. That is why this blog post is dedicated to problems… and of course finding solutions to these problems. 

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Can Technology Improve Health and Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 27-Aug-2019 10:00:00

Health and safety is an aspect of the oil and gas industry that includes all players, such as the government, companies, associations, workers, and so on. In the UK this aspect of the industry is of paramount importance, and it is believed that the new digital transformation which is sweeping through the industry can help the sector improve health and safety even further. 

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Tank Bottom Sludge Oil Recovery

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 20-Aug-2019 11:00:00

SAS-ES receive many oil sludge waste samples, for this particular project the sample provided was black, oil coloured and contained a high oil content. The sample had been recovered from tank bottom sludge from a crude oil storage tank and sent to us by one of our customers to try and create a three-phase split of oil, water and solids. 

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Reduce Your Costs with Microemulsions

Posted by Mark Zwinderman on 13-Aug-2019 10:00:00

You can reduce your logistical, shipping and transportation costs by treating, disposing and recycling your oil contaminated waste products, while minimising ecological and environmental risk along the way. SAS-ES products can help you save millions of pounds annually, and here's how...

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